Zero Waste Initiative

How to Help the Zero Waste Initiative

Do you want to learn how to help the zero waste initiative? The good news is there are many steps you can take personally to achieve that goal. Here are some of the best ways:

Buy a reusable water bottle

These bottles are quite affordable and can help to save lots of natural resources when you’re out and about. Drinking enough H2O is important but if you want to achieve zero waste one of the easiest ways is to invest in a reusable water bottle.

Drink without straws

If you’re at home and have a reusable crazy straw that’s one thing. However, when you’re dining out you should consider ordering your drinks without straws if you’re learning how to help the zero waste initiative. This can help to save natural resources since it’s highly unlikely the restaurant will recycle them.

Donate unused items

Instead of tossing them away, donate them to a second-hand store or charity. This allows other people to enjoy the items and prevents them from ending up in a landfill. There are many items like furniture you can donate so it’s just a matter of learning which items are accepted by particular charities or stores.

Reuse old sheets and towels

You can use them for all kinds of things like rags, napkins, and bags. It’s a better option than tossing them away.

Avoid promotional items

The reason is they’re usually cheap and fragile. It’s great that they’re free but they also leave a big carbon footprint. You’d be better off to invest in a quality pen that will last for years rather than days, for example.

Use a bamboo toothbrush

This item works just as well and is biodegradable. Yes, you could recycle your old toothbrush but it will still require energy to do that so it’s better to pick the better zero waste option.

Use home remedies

There are several home remedies you can make that are effective and more eco-friendly. For example, if you have a sore throat apple cider vinegar with honey is an excellent option due to the antibacterial properties. You’ll also avoid creating waste via the packaging required for cough syrups, pills, and so on.

Buy second-hand items

Some items are iffy like appliances so it’s always important to make sure they’re in good condition. They might even need to be fixed up. However, if you consider how many natural resources you’ll be saving it’s definitely a better option if you want to achieve zero waste.

Get a library card

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. When you check out library books you’re using the “Reuse” part of the Three R’s rule. Besides that, you’ll be supporting the local sharing economy, which not only benefits you but also your neighbors.

Pick handkerchiefs over tissues

Some people simply aren’t a fan of handkerchiefs and especially if you’re worried about germs. However, it shouldn’t really be a problem if you use a fresh handkerchief on a daily basis.