Zero Waste by 2020

Tips to Achieve Zero Waste by 2020

Is your company trying to achieve zero waste by 2020? If so there are many steps you can take to achieve that goal. Here are some of the most effective ones:

Use rechargeable batteries and refillable printer cartridges

These are some basic yet effective ways to achieve zero waste by 2020. Printer ink and batteries are resources that most companies need for their daily operation. The good news is you can help reduce your waste by preventing the need to keep buying new batteries and printer cartridges. You’ll have to invest more money at first but the long-term savings can be extraordinary. Consider the fact that you can find batteries that can be recharged thousands of times. It won’t take long for the batteries to pay for themselves.

Collect “disposable” products

There are many items like disposable pens that have recyclable parts. You could launch a brigade to collect those items. This basic step can help to reduce waste because you can put many of the parts back in the “loop.”

Get removed from mailing lists

The problem with junk mail is the content is usually itself junk. If you want to achieve zero waste by 2020 one easy step to take is to remove your company from all mailing lists. This, in turn, will prevent you from getting the mail and saving some trees in the process. It’s a basic yet effective way to help achieve that goal.

Start a community garden/compost

You can collect things like coffee grounds, tea leaves, and fruit cores. They can be work as a fertilizer for your community garden. Studies show that all three of the items provide nutrients needed for plants to grow well.

Print double-sided and draft quality

These are some basic yet effective way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. There are times when you won’t be able to use these options but in most cases they’re options. This can help to save lots of natural resources used to produce the ink and paper. If you take this basic step you can save tons of resources and get closer to achieving zero waste.

Donate old furniture

Just because your company is getting rid of old furniture doesn’t mean other groups can use them. This is a great way to reuse items.

Recycle printer cartridges, toner, light bulbs, and mobile phones

You could give the revenue to a charity.

Pot luck lunch

There are various ways you can encourage your workers to eat a zero waste lunch. One option is a pot luck lunch. This not only is a good way for your workers to help make their lunches “greener,” but also provides them with more variety. They’ll have the chance to try out cooking by other workers, which is something they might not be able to do normally.

Hold a stationary amnesty

This is a way your workers can return stationary they’re not using. This helps to prevent waste and improves your company’s use of resources.