Zero Waste Goals

Western Australia’s Zero Waste Goals

Is it possible for an entire region to achieve the goal of zero waste? One example is western australias zero waste goals. Here are some of the best tips to help achieve the region’s goal of zero waste:

Buy a refillable water bottle

This is a basic yet effective way to help achieve western australias zero waste goals. It provides the H2O you need without creating a lot of waste via plastic bottles. Many people recycle their plastic water bottles but if you want to achieve zero waste it’s better not to use them at all. You can find low-cost water bottles that won’t have a high price.

Stop using disposable items

There are many examples including bags, containers, straws, etc. Sometimes we don’t think about the many items we toss out during the day. By eliminating them you can help to achieve your zero waste goals. It often means you’ll have to invest in things like containers but it will be worthwhile in saving money and saving the world. Just basic things like food packaging can cause a lot of waste that you can prevent by switching to non-disposable items.

Shop with reusable bags/jars

This is a great option because paper and plastic bags can add up quickly and end up in landfills if they’re not recycled. It doesn’t take much effort to switch to reusable bags and jars. In addition to creating a smaller carbon footprint, you’ll also be doing it every time you go shopping. So it’s definitely an option to consider if you want to achieve zero waste. It’s one step that can have a big effect on achieving western australias zero waste goals.


Your home or office can also start a garden that uses compost from items like fruit cores, tea bags, coffee grounds, etc. This can become a group project since your family members or company employees can contribute to the compost.

Pack your own lunch

One of the biggest creators of waste in the office is the packaging from items at supermarkets, restaurants, etc. Not only that, but consider that lunches are purchased all week so the amount of waste is exponentially high based on the number of employees you have.

The good news is there are few effective ways you can work towards zero waste in terms of lunches. They include bringing your own lunch to work and implementing a pot luck lunch. These are some easy ways to help eliminate waste since you’ll be eliminating the use of disposable food packaging.

Recycle used stuff

There are many items you can recycle including light bulbs, paper, printer cartridges, mobile phones, etc. In fact, you might be surprised by the number of items you can recycle in your home or office. This will help you create a smaller carbon footprint. In some cases, even “disposable” items can also be recycled due to the materials like plastic they contain.

End snail mail lists

This will help to end junk mail. Limit your mail to email so you won’t waste paper on things like envelopers.