Simple tips for painting a boat

A boat is exposed to weathering a great deal. Despite the fact that it might not be used often, it still tends to get baked in the sun. This can somehow cause the color to fade over a period of time. If you want to make sure that your boat stays looking new, it might need a painting job. The following tips from boat painting Gold Coast experts would help make the process simple.


The major part of your time spent in painting a boat should be given to its preparation. Once the prep is done, the whole process becomes a great deal easier:
• Drape and shield the top deck and the sides of the boat before embarking on a paint job. This would help prevent the stains.
• The next step is to tape off the areas which might require another color of paint. Make sure that the taping is done as securely as possible
• Then comes sanding off the old paint. If you don’t complete this step, your paint job is not going to look professional.
• Make sure that you choose the right environment for painting your boat. It’s generally advisable to cover the boat with a tarp. Choose to paint in a weather which is sunny and bright. Avoid paint on those when rain showers are expected.
• Before you start painting make sure that the surface is dry and free from any sort of dirt or grime. Get rid of all the dust. Once the boat is absolutely clean, ten only should you start with the standing. Make sure not to keep a heavy hand during the process.
• Make sure you read the directions on the can of paints. It’s actually quite important.

Painting the top side of the boat

Choose a bright and shiny color to paint the topside of the boat. However, it should be kept in mind that you would need to carry out two coats of paints. It is definitely hard work but actually worth it. If you think it’s not something which you might be able to handle, you could ask the professionals at boat painting Gold Coast for the job.
You would need to make use of solvents and sanders to make the paint job look as professional as possible. In order to get the surface ready it’s important to make use of a primer. This would make your job easier and present a smooth finish once the paint is done.
If your boat is the size of a dingy carrying out the painting is easy. However for a larger boat it is advisable to get help from friends or family.

Deck painting

When painting the deck make sure to tape off all the hard ware like the hand rails and the hatches. Once that’s done you could commence with the painting. Painting a deck requires the same amount of preparation like sanding and priming.

Painting the bottom of the boat

Choose a paint which contains copper. It helps ward off the marine growth which tends to stick to the bottom of the boat. However in some areas copper based paints are banned and therefore you may need to look for an alternative.

Perform an online search and ask for referrals if you want to know where to get your boat painted on the Gold Coast.