Rubbish Removal in Melbourne

Rubbish removal in Melbourne is currently a free service offered by the area once a year to make sure that their neighbourhoods are kept clean and tidy looking. This service will be a comprehensive pick up of whatever you need to have cleaned out of your home or business. The list of items can include anything from old mattresses to old refrigerators. This service will be available once a year for free by the area, but there are other options if you need to have your home cleaned out on your own schedule. There are several quality establishments around the area that you can hire that will remove your unwanted items for a price.

What are their environmental standards?

Before you start picking out a company to pick up your rubbish, you will want to make sure that they are meeting environmental standards while they are doing your clean up and afterwards when they are disposing of the items they collected. Are they using any harsh chemicals or will they removing only a select portion of your rubbish for recycling and putting the rest in the trash?

How much are they able to take?

There is only so much room in their vehicles. If you have been collecting a lot of stuff for removal, then there may be extract charges to remove multiple truckloads. There also might be additional charges for the removal of larger items or ones that require special handling to remove.

Do they remove hard waste?

Special types of trucks and facilities are needed to process and safely recycle items that are not as easy to recycle, such as a mattress. This will take special processing and a special truck to remove it. Not all facilities are set up to process them as they are.

How do they Recycle appliances?

You may have found a good place that will recycle your old items, but will they be able to recycle your old appliances safely? Your old refrigerator is not easy to move, and it takes special processing to clean up a refrigerator for recycling.

What do they charge for their pick up?

The prices vary for picking up your rubbish depending on the type of rubbish you have for pick up when you want it picked up, and if there is a special pick up needs to be required for the pick up such as a large vehicle or chemical disposal. It can be anywhere from $70 to $140 and up.

Do they pick up hard waste?

Hard waste disposal is different then disposing of other types of items. In a lot of cases, you will need help removing it such as the cement from your driveway or the asbestos from the garage. Not all facilities are prepared to handle the disposal of such items, and you will need to do research into finding the company that can accommodate such a removal.

The companies you can hire are of varying quality, and you will need to do some searching if you need special services such as hard waste removal or the removal of asbestos. It will take a bit of searching to find the services you need. You might want to try checking out rubbish removal by One Man’s Rubbish. They are one of the most reputable companies in the area.