Earthworks Yeppoon- Tips for keeping your yard dust-free

Dust in the yard means that all the dust enters your home. Despite the fact that you may have cleaned the book shelf a few hours ago, you may see a new layer of dust coating it. The key is to make sure that the outdoor space isn’t full of dust. This way you can prevent the dust from entering your home as well. The following tips from the professionals at Earthworks Yeppoon, would help keep the dust away from your yard.

The following are a few affordable and simple options for keeping the yard free from dust. These include:

  • Using a sprinkler is a simple yet effective way of keeping the dust at bay. It can also help the grass stay moist and doesn’t allow it to dry. Even if the yard is grass free, regularly using sprinklers can prevent the dust from rising up.
  • Using pea gravel is another effective method of keeping dust away. It’s also cheap and can be added to the outdoor space to increase its aesthetic appeal as well. The experts at earthworks Yeppoon, can handle the gravelling in a fast and efficient manner. Gravel can be added to the yard to break things up. Add a feature to the landscape using larger pieces of gravel. It’s a popular option because it comes in different shapes and sizes and can be added to beautify the landscape to quite an extent.
  • Using hay and straw is another option. However it’s not very aesthetic, but keep in mind that hay can sprout seeds and if you are actually looking for a living ground cover for the yard, hay works pretty well. It has a slight rustic appeal which can actually add to the landscape and keep it looking quaint and charming. On the other hand if you live in area which is prone to frequent rain shower, hay is not such a good option because it becomes slippery and would start molding. On the other hand wet hay is a fertile ground for rodents to breed in.
  • Using calcium chloride and magnesium chloride is also an option. It is basically common on residential plots. While it may definitely help tame down the dust, but it has certain drawbacks. The most basic being its harmful for the environment.
  • Laying down natural grass is also one of the most effective options of keeping dust away. Also hiring a landscaper who can manage the lawn and the landscape of the home can hugely improve the aesthetics of your home and increase its value as well. However, it should be kept in mind that it takes quite a long time for the grass to grow and it’s a long process.
  • Laying down synthetic turf is a great option. If you are pressed for time and want the problem of dust to be solved immediately, artificial turf would work great.
  • Concrete flooring is also a good option. If you are looking for something which is effective and economical then a concrete flooring option is good.

Make sure you call Earthworks in Yeppoon for advice on keeping dust-free yard.