Cheap storage ideas

Are you one of those people who loves buying stuff? There comes a time when you aren’t sure here you are going to put all those items you bought. If you are a compulsive hoarder chances are you are thinking of cheap storage in Melbourne.

There are loads of storage units you could choose from, however the rent could often go up to quite a few hundred dollars. Not everything you have needs to go into the storage unit. If you end up putting so much in storage you will have to shell out some hard earned cash for that.

The following tips could help you make smart storage decisions which can help save cash in the long run.

Cheap storage ideas

Practice making smart long term storage decisions

  • Start becoming more organised. Let’s assume you have loads of stuff. Now do you think you are prepared to pay rent for stuff which you don’t even need or won’t be seeing for another year or so? If not start making things organised.
  • The key is to look at stuff which you haven’t used for more than a year. It’s obvious you don’t exactly need it and that’s why haven’t felt the need to look for it. Get all such things sorted into a pile which you plan to give away to those who deserve it.
  • Donating your stuff to a charity could help you get some tax deduction. Just make sure to save your receipts.
  • Make wise decisions. You don’t need to be a hoarder at the same time you don’t need to purge as well. Just because you don’t need something at the moment doesn’t mean you toss it away. This holds true for bigger items like furniture. That can always go into storage only to be used again when the need arises. Remember paying for storage is a great deal less in investing in new furniture all over again.
  • Start with smaller storage units. Make sure you store things wisely in an organised manner. Sometimes units can be more than 8 feet tall. Be realistic. You don’t need to get that much space. If you feel you need to upgrade, you could always do that.
  • There are times when storage is usually a better and a much cheaper option. Compare it to the fact that you might have to upgrade to a new space or apartment? Assuming that $50 storage is still better then upgrading to a larger apartment with $300 rent, choose a good storage facility.
  • When looking for cheap storage in Melbourne make sure you compare prices. Choose someone who is offering a storage facility in the budget that you have in mind.
  • Keep an eye out for discounts. Some storage facilities also offer amazing discounts which you could make do with.

Last but not the least, its not too late to change your hoarding habits. In the future decide to buy less stuff.